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My name is Pauline Gerber and I’m the owner of this blog. PGpinkrebate.com is a deal & coupon blog that started in Colorado, Denver on May 2018 with just mom trying to connect with other moms to share deals and coupons. We want to strive for providing latest available promo codes to our readers on the go.

Even as a student, it scared me of the standard life model. Every day from 9 to 17 o’clock in the same office sit, until I can retire with 67? My job is a lot of fun, but even I did not feel like it.

After all, I have other hobbies. I like to skateboard, cook, tinker and program, play the guitar, blog or meet friends for a party.

Fortunately, five years ago I got to know an alternative. Instead of working for forty years, I could as well have saved some of my income and then made friends with 30 or 40.
After all, you do not necessarily need a lot of money for a fulfilling life. As a student, I even made do with a few hundred dollars a month and had a great time. Why should that be fundamentally different now that I work and earn money?

So I said goodbye to the boring standard life model and made my way to an exciting life.

I am active, constantly trying to learn new things and intentionally looking for challenges. If there is a problem, I try to solve it with creativity and logical thinking, instead of just “throwing money at the problem”. Instead of shopping, I prefer to spend my time with my husband, family, friends, sports, or cool projects. A fat house, cars and designer furniture? I’m not interested in the bean.

In this way, I have been able to save about 70% of my income in the last few years and have had a lot of fun as well.

On this blog, you will find coupons & promo codes for tons of online stores. You can also find updated deals from various online brands.

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